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4 Simple Steps To Make Your Valentine’s Day Perfect!

Posted on: 14/1/2016
  1. Spread the love throughout the day. Not just the evening!

Breakfast with a smile!

Why not make a busy loved one a Valentine’s breakfast full of special treats. Maybe some heart shaped pancakes or a chocolate sprinkled latte? You could even use fruits in Valentine coloured red eg strawberries and raspberries to decorate a favourite chocolate cereal!

A loving lunch to go!

Nothing says love like a Valentine’s packed lunch complete with favourite foods your other half will love. You could use a cookie cutter heart to shape sandwiches or make a favour bag of sweets and chocolates for them to enjoy (topped off with a red ribbon of course!). Adding a special message or poem will also be a lovely surprise and set the tone for later…


  1. Break the mould and be creative!

Outside lovers

We love creativity at Chilli Melon, so an approach that is a little more unusual is bound to score you some extra brownie points! If you share a love of the outdoors, why not book/create day an excursion day, like rock climbing, canoeing or a nature walk. If your partner is extra adventurous, why not try something for they first time like bungee jumping! However, if you would prefer to relax outside, try a romantic park picnic (in your partners favourite spot).

…and if you need to stay in

As we can’t always rely on the weather, romance doesn’t have to be an outdoor affair either. You could surround a picnic blanket with favourite food and candles in your living room or cover it in roses. If you’re feeling confident, why not try a home cooked favourite meal to go? This could have a nice element of surprise.


  1. Plot your master plans way in advance!

Valentine’s Day is a day in demand! Everyone is in a rush to do the same things first, so planning is essential. Whether you are ordering flowers, getting a special DVD or booking that favourite restaurant make sure it’s all under wraps at least a few days in advance. If your eating out it and this will be your first date, it is also worth making sure you are both happy with the cuisine choice and that there are no allergies you need to consider 😉


  1. The Perfect gift isn’t always bought

Gifts don’t have to be expensive, in fact, sometimes the more simple but personalised, the more special. You could compile a downloaded music list for your partner and secretly to their chosen listening device (if they don’t catch on that it’s gone). If you are feeling bold (and know it will go down well) you could also put a message on social media sites like Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. However, you can be more traditional (and safe!) by knowing what your partner likes and producing on the day their favourite flowers, scented candles, book etc will go down well.

If you want to go on a Valentine’s splurge there are also a few things to remember. It may be good to avoid anything in a small box (unless you are gonna put a ring on it!) and if you are going to buy some lingerie or a dress, make sure you know your ladies dress size. Giving anything practical may seem like it will benefit you in the long run, but it will cause havoc in the short term! Therefore those cooking utensils and cleaning equipment are completely out of the question. Going with your partner’s interest and loves will set you on the right path :).
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Enjoy x


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